Products or services

Certain products or services may be available exclusively online through the website. These products or services may have limited quantities and are subject to return or exchange only according to our Return Policy.

We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to limit the sales of our products or services to any person, geographic region, or jurisdiction. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that we offer. All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at anytime without notice, at the sole discretion of us. We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time. Any offer for any product or service made on this site is void where prohibited.

We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected.

Courses, events, and workshops


Registration is binding. After confirmed registration, cancellation is not possible.


You may receive a refund for the interruption of a course only in a special case like disease or injury. We reserve the right to define these special cases case-by-case. If you want to interrupt a course, you have to write a request to If the criteria for the interruption is filled, we will refund you the entire amount for the classes remaining.

Right to transfer your tickets

If for some reason, you cannot attend the event, you have a right to transfer and re-sell your personal ticket. In such cases, please inform us the new ticket holder's contact information. We have a right to invalidate such transferred tickets if we have a reason to believe the tickets were initially acquired for dealer, distribution, or reselling purposes.


Students are informed about surprising and sudden changes concerning the classes (cancellation, change of place, etc.) via email, telephone, or the website. A cancelled lesson is held on a different occasion during the same season, or will be refunded. Short term replacements of teachers are not announced separately.

Photo- and Videography

If any class, course, workshop or event will be photo- or videographed, you’ll be informed beforehand and have a right to opt-out from appearing in images produced. If you are to opt-out, inform the organizers beforehand. During such an event, you grant the organizers full rights (unless opted out) to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images and video for marketing, publicity or other purposes. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and advertisements.

Making any copies of photos and videos produced is prohibited unless explicit permission is granted for you.

Streaming and online classes

We may offer students the possibility to join classes via an online stream under certain circumstances. For this purpose, classes can be streamed online via platforms provided by our 3rd party providers and made available for students signed up for the course. You will be informed upon all instances of streaming.

Making any copies, recordings, or screenshots of such streams is prohibited unless explicit permission is granted for you.

Weekly classes

Terms / Seasons

We have 2 main seasons, semesters, in a year, each lasting approximately 16 weeks. Every season may also be split in two or more sub-terms. Each season and term is defined separately. Additional courses may be published during the season. Possible break weeks are announced separately on each course.

(In case of COVID-19 or other crisis restrictions, we retain the right to postpone the beginning and end of the term by 2 weeks, if necessary, without an impact on payments.)

Missed classes

You can make up for a missed class by taking a class of a similar level during the same term. The policy applies to our regular classes, not necessarily other special courses and workshops. Please inform the teacher before the class that you are making up for a missed class.

(COVID-19, or other crisis/pandemic may impose restrictions on visiting other groups.)

Retake Beginners

Once you have taken and fully paid a Lindy Hop Beginners' course with us, you can retake the Beginners' level or single classes of it for free.

If you intend to retake the Beginners' course or want to drop-in for Beginners' classes, please send us an email at Retake policy is applied only to weekly classes and we reserve the right to limit the number of retakers per course.

Your retake eligibility is tied to length of the beginners course you have had. If you have only taken shorter beginners course, the "free retake" policy is only applied to respective part of any longer upcoming beginners course.

(Due to COVID-19, we have strict limits for our group sizes hence we may not be able to offer the free retake at all.)


We offer two basic discounts for our weekly courses. For workshops and special events, discount terms may be defined separately. 

Student/unemployed discount 
Students and unemployed have a right for a 20% discount from the course fee on the marked courses. We reserve the right to define the attendee's discount validity.
Multiple course discount 
By attending multiple courses during the same season, you will receive a 25% discount off your second course. Discount is valid for marked multiple course discount eligible courses. Discount will be applied to the most low-priced courses. Cannot be combined with other discounts. 

You may be asked to provide us a valid discount certificate. We reserve the right to define each attendee's discount validity.

In case of financial struggles, separate discounts and payment arrangements may be allowed.


A bill for the course fee will be sent after confirmed registration. The bill has to be paid within 14 days.

Normal interests and reminder fees may be applied on late payments.

Please note that each 3rd party payment provider has their own terms and policies that are applied to transactions. We do not take any responsibility of the 3rd party payment errors. 

Employee benefit vouchers

We accept multiple providers' employee benefit vouchers as valid payment method (such as Edenred, Smartum, ePassi and Eazybreak). Each provider may have their own terms and conditions that are applied. When paying with these payment methods, the product, service or goods will become personal due to regulations related to these payment methods. Meaning, you cannot pay any other person's fees with these payment methods.

Return Policy

Online orders (excluding event tickets, courses, and certain other products) have a 14-day return policy (right of with­drawal in e-com­merce) for unused goods unless stated otherwise. In case of a refund, please contact

The standard 14-day return policy is applied as stated in Finnish law. Some products and services are excluded from the standard return policy and cannot be returned. Examples of such excluded products and services are: event tickets, courses, services that require immediate action, digital content, and other goods that are specifically made for you.

COVID-19 and other crisis

We keep classes running as long as we can. If the situation changes so that we cannot offer physical meetings anymore, half of the course fee for the remaining classes is returned, and classes will continue online. If we cannot provide online classes either, the remaining of the classes are fully refunded. In any other case, no refunds due to COVID-19 or other crisis is given.

Dance passes, punch cards, and drop-in classes

Class passes, dance passes, and punch cards - Passes - are a set of prepaid drop-in classes.

You can join most of our classes on drop-in basis, meaning, without prior registration.

We reserve the right to any changes in groups, courses, and classes which may affect, for example, our class schedule, group sizes and requirements. Hence the class you intended to attend may not always be available. You can secure your spot beforehand by registration to avoid such instances. We issue refunds only in a special case like disease or injury. We reserve the right to define these special cases case-by-case.

These passes may have an expiration date and other limitations, for example regarding to who can use the Pass and for which courses and classes it is applied to. These limitations are specified on each individual product. Passes are not refundable and cannot be exchanged for money.

With Passes, you can attend all our weekly dance classes and activities. They are valid only on weekly recurring instances, not on workshops, special courses, or other events - unless specifically mentioned.


Passes can be purchased as a subscription or single payment. With subscriptions you agree to an initial and recurring subscription fee at the then-current subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing cycle, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy. Subscriptions are personal and cannot be transferred to others.


You can cancel your subscriptions anytime before the next billing cycle by sending us an email at You will not be eligible for a refund for any subscription fees paid prior to the time when cancellation takes effect.

Special offers, programs, and packages

We may offer special products, programs, and packages outside of our regular courses. Some offers may also include multiple courses bundled together in a single package. These same terms will be applied to any of our offers, but more detailed terms and conditions may be defined on each specif offer.

Gift cards

Gift cards are valid payment method for every Black Pepper Swing course unless stated otherwise. Gift cards are single-use only and cannot be exchanged for money. Gift cards may have an expiration date.

BPS Credits

You may receive BPS Credits to your Portal account. Credits are a valid payment method for any goods we offer. Credits are personal and cannot be exchanged for money. Credits may have an expiration date.

Accuracy of billing and account information

We reserve the right to refuse any order you place with us. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, the same credit card, and/or orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. In the event that we make a change to or cancel an order, we may attempt to notify you by contacting the e-mail and/or billing address/phone number provided for us. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers, or distributors.

You agree to provide current, complete, and accurate purchase and account information for all purchases made at our store. You agree to promptly update your account and other information, including your email address and credit card numbers and expiration dates, so that we can complete your transactions and contact you as needed.


All sort of disturbing behavior is forbidden in the classes. If the student causes damage to the property of the school or class venues, they will be held responsible to pay the damage caused. If a student breaks the rules of the school constantly, the teacher can consider removing the student from the course with no refunds.

Rules may be subject to change without notice.