General rules 

    Hygiene etiquette: Wash/disinfect hands before and after training, cough/sneeze into your elbow, keep a 1-meter distance to others when possible.

    Illness: Only attend class when you feel healthy, inform us if diagnosed with COVID-19 for contact tracking.

    Mask: Face masks are an individual choice, not obligatory.


In class

    No obligatory rotation, you may rotate in small groups of 2-3 couples.

    Detailed recaps for missed classes.

    Ventilation between classes, windows are kept open during class whenever possible.

    We clean and disinfect our studio daily.

Additional safety precautions like face masks are voluntary. We want to assure that every student can choose the level of precaution they need. Please be aware when signing up that 100% safety can never be guaranteed regardless of our commitment.