General rules 

    Hygiene etiquette: Wash/disinfect hands before and after training, and always upon entering the building. Cough/sneeze into your elbow, and follow other common hygiene etiquette. Respect others personal space and possible distancing (1-2 meters) choice.

    Illness: Only attend class when you feel healthy. You can make up missed classes by visiting other groups.

    Mask: Face masks are an individual choice, not obligatory.


In class

    No obligatory rotation, however we recommend partner rotation in 2022. Either with the whole class, or in small groups - depending on the local pandemic situation.

    Missed classes can be made up by visiting other groups. Communicate with your teacher(s) to find suitable group.

    Ventilation between classes, windows/AC are kept open during class whenever possible.

Additional safety precautions like face masks are voluntary. We want to assure that every student can choose the level of precaution they need. Please be aware when signing up that 100% safety can never be guaranteed regardless of our commitment.