Autumn courses are here! In general, we tried to build the schedule so that many of you can keep dancing at the same time slots as you were dancing during the winter/spring season.

Wondering which courses and levels to pick?

This map may help you decide which level to pick based on your previous course level. You can, of course, always repeat the same level multiple times - actually this is something we recommend especially for the higher levels.

  • Solo Jazz & Charleston

    • No experience yet -> Start with Beginners course!

    • Beginners -> We suggest you to retake the Beginners course. There are two different groups with two different teachers, who will keep you challenged with new content and exercises. And if you feel up for the challenge and want to push yourself to learn routines and maybe perform: Try out the Solo Choreo course.

    • Choreo -> This course will keep on learning new routines and deepen our Solo Jazz skillsets meanwhile. We will work on 1-2 longer routines during the term and take lots of time refine our movements inside and outside the choreographies.

  • Lindy Hop

    • No experience yet -> Start with Beginners course!

    • Beginners -> We suggest you to retake the Beginners level.

    • Improvers -> You can level up to Intermediate. And maybe you might want to try Slow Swing or Solo Jazz & Charleston.

    • Improvers/Intermediate (Switch) -> We'll continue on the same slot but the course is now called "Lindy 'Switch' Intermediate". New and old switchers welcome!

    • Int-Adv -> If you have been taking Int-Adv classes before, and had a break during pandemic, we recommend joining either Int-Adv or one of the Intermediate courses. If you have kept practicing, you can also try to audition to the Advanced group!

    • Advanced -> If you were in the Advanced group this winter/spring, you are welcome to continue on the group. New students wishing to join the course need to send a video audition.

    • Slow Swing -> We keep discovering new movements for Slow swing dancing, but also practice material from previous courses. Material will be suitable for new- and oldbies. Minimum Lindy level: Intermediate.

    • I had a break but wish to restart -> If you had a break during the pandemic and wish to restart, pick a course that sounds most compelling to you. You can take a look at the Lindy Roadmap, or call/email us if you are not sure.

  • Tap

    • No experience yet -> Start with Beginners course!

    • Beginner/Improvers -> Continue to Beginner-Improvers. If you have been dancing for a longer time and feel confident and ready for challenge, pick Improvers/Intermediate as well.

    • Improvers -> The new group name will be Improvers/Intermediate. It's essentially a combined group from previous Improvers and advanced students from Beginner/Improvers. 

    • I had a break but wish to restart -> If you tapped in the Improvers level before your break, join the Improvers/Intermediate group. If in doubt: ask Essi or send us an email.

  • Other suggestions

    • Want to learn the opposite role that you have been focusing on?
      Lindy Switch course on Tuesdays will help you become an ambidancer, without having to start from 0.

    • Something to practice without a partner?
      Try Tap dancingSolo Jazz, or Electro Swing.

    • I want to dance more!
      You can always combine multiple courses (additional courses come with 25% discount). Maybe try Slow Swing or Friday Swing theme classes. Or some solo dancing such as Solo Jazz & Charleston ChoreoSolo Jazz & Charleston Beginners, or Electro Swing. Also, revisiting the previous level is always a good choice - usually we alternate the course content so you won’t get bored.