New courses for 2023 are here! In general, we tried to build the schedule so that many of you can keep dancing at the same time slots as you were dancing during the autumn season.

Wondering which courses and levels to pick?

This map may help you decide which level to pick based on your previous course level. You can, of course, always repeat the same level multiple times - actually this is something we recommend especially for the higher levels.

  • Solo Jazz & Charleston

    • No experience yet -> Start with Beginners course!

    • Beginners -> Either retake Beginners or level up to Open level / Improvers (whichever is available). We suggest you to take the Beginners course at least twice, or until you feel comfortable leveling up. Each season we have new content and exercises.

    • Higher level / advanced students -> Continue on Higher level solo group.

    • Choreo -> Not available this season. (This course will keep on learning new routines and deepen our Solo Jazz skill-sets meanwhile.)

  • Lindy Hop

    • No experience yet -> Start with the Beginners course!

    • Beginners -> You can level up to Improvers.

    • Improvers -> You can level up to Intermediate. And maybe you might want to try Boogie Woogie or Solo Jazz & Charleston.

    • Intermediate -> If you were happy and felt challenged, continue at least one course round on Intermediate. You should take the Intermediate course 2-3 times before advancing to Int-Adv level.

    • Int-Adv -> You can stay on the Int-Adv level or audition to Advanced (ask your teacher if you can level-up). If you have been taking Int-Adv classes before, and had a break during pandemic, we recommend joining either Int-Adv or one of the Intermediate courses. If you have kept practicing, you can also try to audition to the Advanced group!

    • Advanced -> If you've been part of our Advanced group, you are welcome to continue here. New students wishing to join the course need to send a video audition, unless known by the teachers.

    • Fast Lindy -> Not available this season. (The course is best suited for dancers on the Advanced and Intermediate-Advanced levels. If you are on the Intermediate level, bring some bravery, because the material will feel very challenging.

    • Lindy Choreo -> Not available this season. (The course is best suited for dancers on the Intermediate / Int-Adv level and higher. If you are on the Improvers level or have just finished that, bring some bravery, because the material will feel very challenging.)

    • I had a break but wish to restart -> If you had a break during the pandemic and wish to restart, pick a course that sounds most compelling to you. Ps. You can take a look at the Lindy Roadmap, or call/email us if you are not sure.

  • Tap

    • No experience yet -> Start with Beginners course!

    • Beginners -> Retake beginners. We just touched the ground during previous 8-week course, so taking beginners at least once more is required.

    • Improvers -> We recommend continuing on the Improvers group, unless you feel confident leveling up. The next level would be Intermediate. Ask your teacher if unsure!

    • Intermediate -> Continue on Intermediate. But, if you feel like, retaking or combining Improvers could be a nice options too.

    • I had a break but wish to restart -> Call or send us a message and we'll help.

  • Boogie Woogie

    • No experience yet -> We recommend you to try out Lindy Hop Beginners! This autumn we have Boogie Woogie course only for dancers with prior experience in swing dancing. 

    • Already a swing dancer? -> Monday Boogie Woogie is for you.

  • Other suggestions

    • Want to learn the opposite role that you have been focusing on?
      We recommend you to sign up for Improvers or Intermediate course, depending on your overall experience. Advanced dancer? Lindy Switch Int-Adv course on Tuesdays would be a great option too. 

    • Something to practice without a partner?
      Try Tap dancing or Solo Jazz.

    • I want to dance more!
      You can always combine multiple courses (additional courses come with 25% discount). We have a few Lindy theme classes this season in the schedule. Or maybe try Solo Jazz & Charleston or Boogie Woogie classes. Perhaps join for social and guided practice session? Also, revisiting the previous level is always a good choice - usually we alternate the course content so you won’t get bored.

    • Private classes
      We also offer private classes, and the price includes studio rental. Send us an email, or contact your favorite teacher directly. Read more info here.